Unix Interview questions part-2

Unix Interview questions part-2

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1.What is difference between ps -ef and ps -auxwww?

ps -ef will omit
process with very long command line while ps -auxwww will list those process as
2. How do you find how many cpu are in your system and there details?
By looking into file
/etc/cpuinfo for example you can use below command:
cat /proc/cpuinfo
3. What is difference between HardLink and SoftLink in UNIX?
Unix Soft links are pointers to programs, files, or directories located
elsewhere (just like Windows shortcuts).
Unix Hard links are pointers to programs and files, but NOT directories
4. What is Zombie process in UNIX? How do you find Zombie process in UNIX?
When a program forks and the child finishes before the parent, the kernel still keeps some of its information about the child in case the parent might need it -
7. In a file word UNIX is appearing many times? How will you count number?
grep -c “Unix” filename
8. How do you set environment variable which will be accessible form sub shell?
By using export for example export count=1 will be available on all sub
9. How do you check if a particular process is listening on a particular port on remote host?
By using telnet command for example “telnet hostname port”, if it suceesfully connects then some process is listening on that port.
10. How do you find whether your system is 32 bit or 64 bit ?
Either by using
“uname -a” command or by using “arch” command.
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