Tell me briefly about QTP?

Tell me briefly about QTP?

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If you are going for a position related to QTP, you could expect this as the first question in the interview. The first step on the part of an interviewer is to make you comfortable with a basic question.
Hence try to remember maximum portion from the following content that should be presented to the interviewer if situation arises.
QTP is a graphical interface record-playback automation tool. It is able to work with any web, Java or windows client application. QTP enables you to test standard web objects and ActiveX controls. In addition to these environments, QTP also enables you to test Java applets and applications and multimedia objects on Applications as well as standard Windows applications, Visual Basic applications and .NET framework applications...
QTP is Mercury Interactive Functional Testing Tool.
Mercury QTP provides the industry's best solution for functional test and regression test automation - addressing every major software application and environment. This next-generation automated testing solution deploys the concept of Keyword-driven testing to radically simplify test creation and maintenance. Unique to QTP’s Keyword-driven approach, test automation experts have full access to the underlying test and object properties, via an integrated scripting and debugging environment that is round-trip synchronized with the Keyword View.
QTP enables you to test standard Windows applications, Web objects, ActiveX controls, and Visual Basic applications. You can also acquire additional QTP add-ins for a number of special environments (such as Java, Oracle, SAP Solutions, .NET Windows and Web Forms, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Web services, and terminal emulator applications).
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