Framework Structure

Framework Structure

Postby bhavya » Fri May 03, 2013 5:58 am

Every framework will have a structure to organise and group the files. Usually the structure will contain the following folders

1. Object Repository (OR) - will contain all the objects in OR
2. Data - will contain the input file
3. Reusable Functions - will contain the function library
4. Reusable actions - will contain the actions, which will call the resusable function
4. Test scripts - Either 1 manual test case will be converted to a single test script or multiple test cases are grouped into a test script. Here the reusable actions are called to form a test script. This folder will contain all the test scripts.
5. Driver - This will call the test scripts. Purpose of driver file is to group the test scripts for system testing, smoke testing and regression testing. Single call to the driver file will execute the desired testing type
6. Recovery scenarios - If there is an unexpected event what action should the system take. All these events are recorded and scripted so that the automation script handles them without pausing the execution and continues execution
7. Results - Results will provide info about the test scripts have passed or failed. They are saved as a proff of automation execution
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