What is end point in Webservices testing?

What is end point in Webservices testing?

Postby rao-h2kinfosys » Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:59 pm

End point is the IP address of the webservices. the server ip address where the web services are running.
if qa sever is running on
you can update this ip address in your soapui tool to point to this particular server to test the webservices.

webservices Endpoints we can use to test in a project
Restful or webservices soap, can have multiple end points..
if you are working in QA environment, it has one end point for particular module..
it may have only one end point for whole project.
or it can be divided in to 2 or 4 webservcies / restful and each one has its own end point.
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