Mobile apps installation

Mobile apps installation

Postby h2k14qa00512 » Wed Sep 17, 2014 11:37 pm

I try to install mobile apps in my machine, but due to some problem, it is failed. My phone is HTC one.
After connecting phone by USB, I found two more device in my machine:
1. CD Drive (F:) HTC Sync Manager
2. Removable Disk (H:) -under removable disk it displays diff folders

I created APK folder and transfer H2KApp.apk in that folder. When i double click H2KApp.apk file for installation, it displays the following message
-how do you want to open this type file (apk?)
-look for a app in the store

My phone setting is like:

Setting>Connect to PC>>Default connection type>>HTC sync manager

I opened eclipse. but under the following navigation i do not find device folder
eclipse>>windows>>show view>other>???

Can anybody help me, how install mobile apps in device.
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