mobile device testing interview questions and answers

mobile device testing interview questions and answers

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What is the difference between mobile testing, mobile application testing?

Mobile Testing means the complete testing of mobile - system level + Application level
Generally there are 3 catgories:
1. Mobile Protocol stack testing. (using network simulators)
few examples are below:
* Stack supports 4 bands EGSM,PGSM,GSM-850,DCS.Mobile originating and mobile terminating call in all those bands.
*cell selection reselection
*cell bar
*All types of handover
*frequency hopping
*Coding schemes etc
2. Multimedia testing
* Midi polyphonic tones ringer and player
* MP3 as ringer and player &other supported formats
* Camera
* Video Conferencing etc
3. Feature testing
*Supplementary calls
*Fast dialing etc
Mobile Application testing deals with only the features and multimedia part. But Mobile testing deals with all three categories above.
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