QA Job opportunity in USA

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QA Job opportunity in USA

Postby srinivas » Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:32 pm

In the world of change and never ending need for High tech technology with rapid change of business evolution, Software Development is a necessity . The companies in USA, all work based on software for everyday need .Each day the need changes so the version have to upgraded , so thus the evolution of software . In the past decades we have seen various ways of developing and testing the software , it was done by on-shoring , offshoring and outsourcing the testing jobs . Since it was cheaper for companies.

QA is plays a key role in software development as it test the software free of errors. USA has high demand for software as their is based on automation. Also they don't have lots of skilled people trained in IT skills. Hence a gap in demand and supply , so it's easier to land a QA Job if you have the required knowledge.

With the change of politics in the USA and re-introduction of bill to curb H1-B visa and restriction on off-shoring and outsourcing ; the" American Grown Jobs" are going to increase. Hence all the companies who needs testers for their product has increase need for QA in USA. Which would create a new pool of employers and Hence making the QA a much needed work force. So it's the Right and Perfect time to be a QA if you are in USA.
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