What is a Use Case ?Usage of Use Case

What is a Use Case ?Usage of Use Case

Postby admin » Thu Sep 20, 2012 8:06 am

•A Use Case describes typical set of interaction between
a user and system.
•Use Case describes the user interaction with the

Usage of Use Case??
•In its simplest usage, you capture a use case by talking to
your typical users(Clients) / SME and discussing the
various things they might want to do with the system.
•Take each discrete thing they want to do, give it a name
and write up a short textual description.
•Use Cases are prepared in Analysis.

Tips to prepare use cases??
•First: Arrive at the list of actors.

•Second: determine actors needs / requirements.

•Third :Think about use case for each actor.

•The use case name should start with a strong verb
followed by a noun.

Eg : Withdraw Case, Deposit Cash etc...

•Each step should state what the user dose and / or what
the system responds. The steps must not mention how a
system dose something.

•Each step needs to be analyzed in detail before it
becomes code.

•Keep it simple : use the simplest format you need.
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Re: What is a Use Case ?Usage of Use Case

Postby Alok320 » Mon May 02, 2016 4:40 am

How usecase is used and any templates and any videos how it is done ?
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